Streetart/ Cyr Wheel streetshow

Within the show “Spinning Lady in Red” is the focus on entertaining the audience on a high acrobatic level, as well as giving some backstage knowlage and stories. Kids may become loved artists as well in the show and in the end people are inspired to start their individual creative process or life.

Ginas origine background to perform is theatre, variete, circus and TV; Being on the streets is an upleveling for the connection to the audiance, feelings, storries and emotions are shared with a higher effect, which is the goal.

The lightness of movement with and without the wheel makes it look so easy and leads the audiance to a magical world of moving.

Streetshow Trailer

Technical requirements

If possible:

– backstage area to warm up and recharge amp between the shows

– flat and even ground

– no holes or sharp things on the floor

– 6x6m space

( I already have performed on clobbestone and smaler places, in this case please just inform me about the spott details)

Cities and festivals of recent performing this show

Germany: Essen, Aachen, Werne, Wolfsburg, Helmsted, Rostock, Offenburg, Bonn, Bad Godesberg, Steele, Erfurt, Mühlhausen, Weimar, Seepark Möhnesee, Bad Langensalza, Travemünde (Privall), Hattingen (Isenburg), Wülfrath,

England: Fowey, Bath, Dartmouth, Lyme Regis

France: Bandol, Fortainbleau

Span: Barcelona, Canet de Mar

Bookings via contact or email, please make sure you give all important information.