Since she was a kid, Gina was doing German Wheel. In the past she was competing on national level and performing shows with her team as well. 2015 she decided to change and focus more on artistic shows and art with the wheel.

Trailer Germanwheel Time
Currently perfoming this act “TIME” for the touring show Rock the Circus in Germany
This video gives a view into the act “Oh Woman”, recorded summer 2019

The act ‘oh woman’ is about a relationship with the performer and the Wheel. First of all the woman is like a prisoner captured in the wheel without the knowing she is captured. When she notices this she looks for a way to break free. Sometimes she is successful, but cannot stay free for a long time and gets back to the wheel. Within the act the relation between Wheel and woman gets stronger and they cannot be separated for a long time, even if she sometimes wants it. It’s a balanced story about trust and relationship.


In summer 2018 she was booked for an international job with German Wheel. Companie Circo Ruda from Brazil wants her for the Creation and Showproduction Maraba. The following video is a showreal from November 2018: