Gina Sibila

Welcome to my page, right now I am renovating a little bit, but feel free to check out everything.

Upcomming Events:

11.-15.7.22: Akrobatic workshops in Essen Heisingen (DJK Heisingen)

17.7.22: Performing in a liveshow on german television “Immer wieder Sonntags” the show is on ARD (So. 10-12) Germanwheel act and a crazy record (Kimming Entertainment) Vorschau:

12.-14.8: 1. Essener Straßen-Kunst-Festival streetshows with Cyr ( Agency from austria Zeitenwanderer/ Kulturamt Essen) Webseite:

26-27.8.: Straßen-Festival Werne streetshows with Cyr (Agency from austria Zeitenwanderer/ Kulturamt Werne) Webseite:

More to come 😉

My Streetschow-Tour is over for now, but here is a video of my life performing in south Europe (in german language).

cyr january 2022

On my Instagram account you find a lot of interesting and creative stuff:

This one is a TV report from December 2020. recordet by WDR in my hometown, showing the places I use to train in the lockdown periode, so you can see our beautiful nature and some artistic combined. Its language is german, but the images and emotions are still wonderful to watch:

The following video was also on TV 2020, its showing my work for the cultural office of my hometown. During the summerlockdown when all theaters and Varietes were closed I was performing on the street to bring back some entertainment and joy to the people. (like you can already see on the picture I was doing the shows with Cyrwheel and dance):